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 Best in Show
1.   Artisan Bread
2.   Chickenny Marsala Meatballs
3.   Tie: Ice Cream Lasagna, Tomato Dip

2place Cocktail: A Currant Affair (punch) [Liisa]
4place Cocktail: Moscato Strawberry Lemonade (V)(GF)  [Katie]
1place Cocktail: Mango Margarita [Heather]
3place Cocktail: Michelada [Abby]

Currant Affair: The new sex on the beach
5/9/2015 9:50 PM 
Michelada was intellectually demanding. Loved it.
5/9/2015 9:39 PM 
salty goodness
5/9/2015 9:36 PM 
A current affair: Punchy!!
5/9/2015 9:35 PM 
Mango fabuloso!
5/9/2015 9:16 PM 

2place  Dip: Super Yummy & Addicting Tomato Dip (V)  [Abby]
1place Dip: Guacamole: You've Been Doing It Wrong Your Whole Life (V)(GF)  [Becca]   
I HAVE been doing this wrong my whole life!
5/9/2015 9:44 PM 
Cumin, people. Roasted cumin.
5/9/2015 9:39 PM 
you are SO RIGHT I was SO WRONG!
5/9/2015 9:36 PM 

2placetie Appetizer: Crabby Chorizo Mushrooms [Jamie]
1place  Appetizer: Shrimpy Pesto Pizza [Kelly & Chad] 
2placetie Appetizer: Chickenny Meatball Marsala  [Kristin & Eldon] 

Shrimpy Pesto:A slice if Italy
5/9/2015 9:50 PM 
Quality ingredients, Quality recipe.
5/9/2015 9:44 PM 
Crabby chorizo: OMFG!!
5/9/2015 9:35 PM 
I love me some moist balls.
5/9/2015 9:07 PM 

3place  Soup: Butternut Coconut (V)(GF)  [Liisa] 
1place  Soup: Vichyssoise (GF)  [Jamie]
2place  Soup: Tears of My Foodie Enemies (aka Celebration of Spring Gazpacho) (V)(GF) [Becca]

I loved the Vicky so ice.
5/9/2015 9:53 PM 
5/9/2015 9:50 PM 
All that chopping makes me dizzy. Amazing!
5/9/2015 9:44 PM 
creamy deliciousness
5/9/2015 9:36 PM View respondent's answ

1place  Entrée: Turkey-Ham & Swiss Lasagna [Liisa]
3place  Entrée: Turkish Turkey Sliders (served with a side of Radish Salad) [Ayshia]
2place  Entrée: Taco Lasagna [Katie]

I had wayyy too much of this.
5/9/2015 9:44 PM 
I've died and gone to heaven!
5/9/2015 9:07 PM 

1place  Side Dish: Artisan Bread with Fig and Kalamata Tapenade (V)   [Dana & Frenchie]
2place  Side Dish: Taste of Spring Quinoa (V)(GF)  [Marion]
3placetie Side Dish: Scout’s Potato Salad (V)(GF)  [Patty]
3placetie Side Dish: Radish Salad (V)  [Ayshia]
4place  Side Dish: Roasted Peppers with Mozzarella (V)(GF)    [Marion]

Bread:Heaven on earth, and then some!
5/9/2015 9:50 PM 
Wow! What a lucky woman to be married to the bread baker!
5/9/2015 9:44 PM 
I love me some figs! The pignoli nuts in the quinoa made this! So yum.
5/9/2015 9:39 PM 
love the what I think was sesame flavor oil
5/9/2015 9:36 PM 
Succulent and tapenatastic!
5/9/2015 9:16 PM View re

3place  Dessert: Maple Bourbon Bacon Cupcakes [Abby]
1place  Dessert: Ice Cream Lasagna (V)  [Wendi & Greg]
2place  Dessert: Cream-Filled Fudgy Cupcakes (GF)   [Sandra]
4place  Dessert: Nancy’s Crumby Cake (V)   [Dana & Frenchie]

Crumby Cake:Nancy Who?
5/9/2015 9:50 PM 
Creamy layers of insanity and self loathing. I'll have another.
5/9/2015 9:44 PM 
Hands down best dessert ever!
5/9/2015 9:41 PM 
Sandra, you routinely rock the dessert category. Nicely done.
5/9/2015 9:39 PM 
ooooohhhhhh my goodness!
5/9/2015 9:36 PM 
Finally! Lasagna I can bathe in!
5/9/2015 9:35 PM 

Best Veg: Guacamole
Best GF: Potato Salad
Visual Turkey Sliders
Most Unique: Bacon Cupcakes

                   Best in Show
1.   Artisan Bread
2.   Chickenny Marsala Meatballs
3.   Tie: Ice Cream Lasagna, Tomato Dip


Cocktail: A Currant Affair (punch) [Liisa]
Cocktail: Moscato Strawberry Lemonade (V)(GF)  [Katie]
Cocktail: Mango Margarita [Heather]
Cocktail: Michelada [Abby]

Dip: Super Yummy & Addicting Tomato Dip (V)  [Abby]
Dip: Guacamole: You've Been Doing It Wrong Your Whole Life (V)(GF)  [Becca]   
Appetizer: Crabby Chorizo Mushrooms [Jamie]
Appetizer: Shrimpy Pesto Pizza [Kelly & Chad] 
Appetizer: Chickenny Meatball Marsala  [Kristin & Eldon] 

Soup: Butternut Coconut (V)(GF)  [Liisa] 
Soup: Vichyssoise (GF)  [Jamie]
Soup: Tears of My Foodie Enemies (aka Celebration of Spring Gazpacho) (V)(GF) 

Entrée: Turkey-Ham & Swiss Lasagna [Liisa]
Entrée: Turkish Turkey Sliders (served with a side of Radish Salad) [Ayshia]
Entrée: Taco Lasagna [Katie]

Side Dish: Artisan Bread with Fig and Kalamata Tapenade (V)   [Dana & Frenchie]
Side Dish: Taste of Spring Quinoa (V)(GF)  [Marion]
Side Dish: Scout’s Potato Salad (V)(GF)  [Patty]
Side Dish: Radish Salad (V)  [Ayshia]
Side Dish: Roasted Peppers with Mozzarella (V)(GF)    [Marion]

Dessert: Maple Bourbon Bacon Cupcakes [Abby]
Dessert: Ice Cream Lasagna (V)  [Wendi & Greg]
Dessert: Cream-Filled Fudgy Cupcakes (GF)   [Sandra]

Dessert: Nancy’s Crumby Cake (V)   [Dana & Frenchie] 

2014 Results

What a great party!  This was some of the best food yet!
Thank you to all of your for bringing your best game. Start planning for next year!
Here are the results. I will post diner comments later.
You may have to click on an image to see it better!


Appetizer: Shroom with a View [Jamie] (V)  
Appetizer: Scrumptious Sausage Tartlets [Abby]
Appetizer: Mini BLT’s [Joe]
Appetizer: Jalapeño Poppers [Joe] (V)  
Appetizer: Pecan Baked Brie [Deb]
Salad: Rhubarb & Strawberry Salad [Liisa] (V)  
Entrée Salad: Lobster Salad [Wendi & Greg]
Entrée: Portobello Mushroom Lasagna [Liisa] (V)  
Entrée: Banana-Leaf Wrapped Fish [Ayshia]
Entrée: Smoked Ribs w/Cherry Cola BBQ Sauce [Joe]
Entrée: Mac & Cheese [Kelly DeP] (V)  
Side Dish: Now I Love Brussels Sprouts [Norma] (V)  
Side Dish: Kewl Kale Casserole [Abby] (V)  
Side Dish: Sinful Sweet Potatoes [Abby] (V)  
Side Dish: Cilantro Line Corn on the Cob [Abby] (V)  
Cocktail: Watermelon Red White Sangria [Deb]
Cocktail: Mandarin Mango Tango (punch) [Liisa]
Cocktail: Party Thyme! (punch) [Jamie]
Dessert: Natural PB Drops [Kelly & Chad]
Dessert: Raspberry Almond Roulade with Orange-Scented Marscapone Whipped Cream [Sandra]
Dessert: Cream Cheese Brownies [Kelly DeP]
Dessert: Butter Cup Mini Cheesecakes [Deb]